Records and Storage Management

Impeccable end-to-end document handling and document access, 24/7

Secure, Accessible, Cost-Effective, Accountable

We use the most advanced Bar Code Tracking/Inventory Technology Software available to maintain complete and accurate storage control. The system allows us to index by department and retrieve containers electronically. Document handling is impeccable and document access is 24/365. Although your records may physically be out of sight, you will always have immediate access to their status via our Web-based application –

Infokeeper. A dedicated Account Representative will be assigned to you providing continuous personal support and attention.


Online access to your inventory is provided via our Infokeeper product. Check the status of your inventory via the web 7/24 from any computer with a web browser and Internet access. No special software is required!

The following Management Reports can be created upon request in any data format at the container level and also the file level:

  • Full Inventory report (all containers/files on system)
  • Date Specific reports (reports for all new items, accessed items, returned items, destroyed items, permanentlyremoved items, etc.)
  • Index report (all new containers sent off-site for storage)
  • Destruction report (all containers requested for destructionalso can be created by specific date(s))
  • Containers “In” report (all containers currently located at CRM’s facility)
  • Containers “Out” report (all containers currently “Out” of CRM’s facility)
  • Last Activity Date report (date specific report for all containers recently accessed or returned to storage)

All container bar-code labels, transmittal forms, facsimile order forms, and client authorization forms will be provided free of charge.

Boxed File Storage

Store your paper documents in an environment specifically engineered for the storage of paper. In addition, CRM offers pickup and delivery services of your boxes.

Radiology Film & Chart Storage

CRM can store your films and charts in traditional “boxed” methods, or on open shelving eliminating the need to recall entire boxes to access a single file.

Electronic Media Vaulting

CRM offers climate controlled fire rated vault storage of all types of digital media and a full tape rotation pickup and delivery service.

Infokeeper Product

CRM provides web-based access to your inventory whenever and wherever desired. This web-based product, called InfoKeeper, is an Internet site which gives you the ability to customize your own security levels for an infinite amount of users for:

  • Viewing inventory
  • Making requests
  • Adding new box/file information
  • Editing box/file information