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CRM’s eBackup Advanced Features


The screen shots below highlight some of the many features our free eBackup Manager software has to offer.

This is the user interface. From here, you can further configure your backup job. For additional information, please review the information below and download and read the eBackup Manager User Manual.


You can specify unique user credentials for each backup set you configure.


Protection is available for both system state, local file systems, and network-attached drives.


Backup sets can be scheduled as needed and run independently of each other.


All information moved over the Internet is protected via encryption. Files also remain encrypted when at-rest on CRM’s SAN.


Continuous Data Protections will backup your files offsite within seconds of a change.


In-file delta technology is an advanced data block matching algorithm which has the intelligence to pick up changes (delta) of file content between two files when one of the files is not accessible and use the delta information between two files to rebuild one file from the other. Using this algorithm, daily backing up of large file (e.g. a 10GB Outlook.pst file) over low-speed internet connection is made possible because it requires only the changes of information (should be marginal) since last backup (or last incremental backup) to be sent over a low-speed internet connection to complete the backup of a large file.


Users can specify their own retention policy. Keep files for as little or long as necessary.


Filters can be used to eliminate certain files from your backup job.


Powerful command line tools allow you to execute commands before and after your backup job.


Off-line backup is basically designed for notebook users who are off-line most of the time and cannot rely on backup schedule to backup regularly. The “Backup Interval” allows notebook users to specify the interval that they would like their data to backup. If this interval has elapsed, backup will run automatically once this machine is online. The “Off-line Notification Day” setting is the number of days after the off-line backup interval when the backup server will send email notification to the client to remind him to run an off-line backup.


The Local Copy feature allows you to save copies of your backups on local disk. This is designed to offer you greater redundancy and faster restore times.

eBackup Manager will use the the Volume Shadow Copy features of Windows 2003/2008 and XP/7 to protect open files.