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How to Create a Backup Set

Backup Set Configuration

It’s easy to configure a backup set in eBackup Manager – just a few easy steps!

STEP 1: Logon to the eBackup client. This creates a connection with the offsite eBackup server.


STEP 2: Choose the type of backup set you need to create.


STEP 3: Begin creating your backup set by naming the backup job. Default shown.


STEP 4a: Select the data on both local and network drives you need to protect.


STEP 4b: If you are protecting information on a network/mapped drive, you will be prompted for login credentials. This information will be retained by the eBackup Manager for future backups.


STEP 5a: Select the default backup schedule, or modify it to suit your needs.


STEP 5b: You can modify the start time of the backup set, and even choose what time of day the job should end.


STEP 6: Select your Encryption Setting. By default, the system will use the login account’s password (see STEP 1 above). You can, however, opt to enter one unique from the login ID as well as select other types of encryption. By default, eBackup Manager uses 128-bit AES.


This is the user interface. From here, you can further configure your backup job.