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Large Data Protection Solutions

If you produce large amounts of new or changed data on a daily basis (hundreds of Gigabytes or more) making nightly Internet backups difficult, and would still like to explore online backup solutions, Chicago Records Management has a solution.

CRM can deploy to your site(s) an eBackup server which will protect your data at LOCAL LAN SPEEDS using the same technology described throughout this website. Your Onsite eBackup Server will then replicate the data it collects offsite to Chicago Records Management.


While the speed of the replication will depend on the size of your Internet connection, the replication feature of the eBackup server will allow you to throttle bandwidth consumption to use more at night when less users are on your network, and less during the day while your business is operating.

A few advantages to this solution are:

Your backup window will greatly reduce by using LAN speeds and disk-to-disk technology Data replication to CRM occurs in the background after the backup jobs are done.

Optionally, multiple Onsite eBackup Servers can be deployed and configured to replicate to multiple Offiste eBackup Servers at CRM when necessary.

All data is encrypted on both the Onsite eBackup Server and the remote server located at Chicago Records Management.

Pricing Information

Because this is a “dedicated” solution, pricing will vary per design. You will need to purchase (or provide) at a minimum the following:

  • CRM eBackup Server Software (priced based on the amount of clients to be protected)
  • Server
  • Appropriate amount of local disk space

Unfortunately, unlike our solution for smaller data users, the “free software” offer does not apply.

Over and above this, you will pay CRM a monthly fee for the amount of disk space your data replication process consumes on their SAN.

For customers who choose not to move their data over the Internet, Chicago Records is willing to host one end of a point-to-point circuit (additional fees may apply). Chicago Records is also willing to work with any Company to use an encryption/VPN solution an organization may already have in place.

Comparison between the Server and Workstation clients

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What is eBackup?

eBackup is a service offered by Chicago Records Management to enhance their client’s existing data backup strategies. For over 18-years, CRM has been visiting client sites to pickup computer tape to transport back to their warehouse and store in their climate controlled fireproof vault. In response to customer demand, CRM now offers the same level of service electronically.

Instead of having data tapes picked up each day, week, month, etc., customers have been “streaming” their data directly to CRM’s Electronic Vault over the Internet safely, securely, and cost effectively.

eBackup is a service that uses the Internet to copy your data to CRM’s Electronic Vault. It is specifically engineered to operate over a WAN and is very bandwidth friendly.