Federal and state laws require all organizations to protect all confidential and personal information from unauthorized access and disclosure. The NAID AAA certified destruction process provides confidentiality and security from collection through destruction. Your level of compliance to the required federal and state laws is enhanced with our secure document destruction programs. Our secured containers provide a simple method of disposal for confidential and personal information for employees to follow.

Our all shred programs ensure 100% shredding compliance. All documents shred are 100% recycled.

Certified Off-Site Plant-Based Destruction

Off-site shredding is a very cost effective and efficient method of destroying your documents. Our licensed and bonded Service Representative will collect your material, load and transport it in a locked and enclosed truck to a secured and monitored facility. The materials are then shredded, baled, and shipped to paper mills to be converted into new products. The post- shred end product is 5/8 inch cut, mandated by NAID for AAA-Certification. A representative from your company may witness the entire shredding process at our location. In addition to witnessing, or as an alternative to it, for a fee, a DVD of the destruction process can be created at our facility and delivered immediately upon completion of the job.

With each invoice, a Certificate of Destruction is provided for your records.

Security Container Service

For your convenience, CRM can provide locking security containers for the collection of your confidential materials within your office. Your containers will be automatically serviced on a schedule you specify and transported to a NAID AAA-Certified secured destruction facility.

All destroyed materials are 100% recycled!