Chicago Records Management’s Online Document Management System

Our Online Enterprise Content Management System is a true Enterprise-class SaaS application (Software as a Service) available to you today. There is no need for hardware, software, or training investments. It is housed in a SAS 70 Type II Tier III+ Datacenter to maximize uptime and security.

Implement Document-level Security

Not only can eRecords allow you to control who has access to particular documents in your Enterprise, it will also contol who can modify documents as well

  • Control all aspects of document interaction: who can read, print, download, edit, etc.
  • Audit who has made changes to a document, and roll-back / undo modifications. (Version history / control)
  • Implement advanced auditing forcing users to document their document interactions
  • Block/hide portions of documents and control who can unblock the contents

Document Workflow Solutions

Make standard business operations easy to execute and easy to manage by electronically routing documents, automatically alert users of pending work assignments, and tracking progress step-by-step using our online application. learn more>>

Enhanced Functionality

eRecords has a built-in document viewer with a variety of functions. These functions are available to users only when the document security policy grants permissions: Print

  • Download
  • Edit Index Fields
  • Annotate
  • Remote Scan
  • Upload
  • Send Document via eMail

Click here to see a screenshot of the document viewer!

Additionally, users can choose to open their documents via Native Applications. For example: If a user uploads a Microsoft Word document to eRecords, he/she can choose to open that document via the Word application. If a change is made, and the document is saved, it is automatically sent to eRecords and the system will (1) note who made the change and (2) assign a new version number to the document. If needed, users with appropriate permissions can “roll back” the document to a previous version.