Our Information Management consultants offer services to help your company implement data-centric solutions focused on optimizing and securing your critical business assets.

Information Management and Consulting

Our management consulting group specializes in reviewing companies information regardless of the media ie: paper, E-Mail, compound document management, centralized data processing, microform, optical etc., analyzing federal & state laws plus tax and audit requirements and your individual operational needs to develop uniform record titles and retention periods for your information. A retention schedule will help your organization establish consistent identification standards for your information, develop a basic records/information program and help lower storage cost’s as records will be destroyed according to a established retention schedule.

CRM subscribes to and supports the policies of ARMA INTERNATIONAL (Association of Records Managers and Administrators) CHICAGO CHAPTER and is a member of PRISM International.

Enhancing Risk Management

Chicago Records Management, through a partnership with Fusion Risk Management, can also assist you with building or enhancing your Risk Management program:

Business Leaders understand that “vulnerabilities and threats are endless, but the funds to address them are not,” the watchwords of Fusion Risk Management. The words Governance, Risk Management and Compliance resonate in every company in America, from the boardroom to the mail room. Fusion consultants employ the Fusion Frameworkâ„¢, a unique, structured methodology and database tool developed from our decades of industry experience, to help our customers gain control of their IT Risk Management programs. Integrated with an industry-leading web-enabled database that identifies and quantifies each critical data point, our focus is on defining effective, efficient and economic answers to the most challenging IT Risk Management issues, helping our customers clearly identify and focus on the next most important issue in their Risk Management programs.