Chicago Records Management Readiness® powered by CSR

CSR Readiness® Program: helps small to medium size businesses meet legal requirements to avoid noncompliance penalties related to the safeguarding of personal data of customers, employees, and vendors.

Readiness Program by CSR delivers a PROACTIVE solution, enabling businesses to assess their privacy procedures and safeguards and presents them with suggested improvements for areas the program identifies as deficient.

The CSR Readiness® program provides an easy 3 step process:

  • Generation of remediation instructions, policies and best practices regarding compliance, security, incident response planning and audit, offerings, certification of completion
  • 24/7 access to allow ongoing input and regular monitoring

It’s Easy to Manage

Your personalized dashboard shows progress and generates tasks to improve compliance. Businesses can improve risk scores by remediation and implementation of further program offerings. Upon successful completion of the analysis and remediation, users will earn a Certificate of Completion and an ID Stay Safe™ digital seal for their website and advertising use.

Chicago Records Management Breach Reporting Service ™ powered by CSR

Every business has Personally Identifiable Information

As long as you have the personal information of a Customer, Employee or Vendor, this information can identify an individual and possibly lead to identity theft or fraud. Chicago Records Management protects records and data sent offsite, but there are many other forms of Personally Identifiable Information that are active inside your organization and are vulnerable to a breach.

You need to be protected

As part of our suite of complete information management and protection solutions, Chicago Records Management is proud to partner with CSR to offer your business patented, award-winning Breach Reporting Service ™.

Chicago Records Management Breach Reporting Service ™, powered by CSR, takes the headache and hassle out of the legal requirements to report any compromise, or suspected compromise, of personally identifiable information to an ever-increasing number of authorities, as well as mandated notification to your customers. Breach Reporting Service ™ is the only service helping hundreds of thousands of organizations just like yours with 24/7 coverage for every possible reporting mandate.

Learn more. Watch the video.

How does it work? 4 simple steps ensure compliance and peace-of-mind:

STEP 1: Contact CSR

In the event of a breach, or suspected breach, you can call the Breach Reporting Intake Center 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, toll-free at 888-301-6449.

STEP 2: Report

A certified CSR Privacy Professional will discuss the breach incident with you and obtain all the necessary facts to ensure nothing is left to chance.

STEP 3: Review

The CSR Privacy Professional will evaluate the incident using the powerful and patented CSR systems.

STEP 4: Relax

CSR will complete the necessary reports on your behalf, file them with the authorities and send the legally required notifications to affected customers and you can consider it handled.

Partnering with Chicago Records Management means peace of mind!