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Impeccable end-to-end document handling and document access, 24/7

Secure, Accessible, Cost-Effective, Accountable

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The most secure, professional, off-site storage for your computer tapes and other media.

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Our Information Management consultants offer services to help your company implement

data-centric solutions focused on optimizing and securing your critical business assets.

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Chicago Records Management provides secure Document Imaging solutions tailored to your organizations specific and unique objectives.

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Enterprise Content Management

Our Online Enterprise Content Management System is a true Enterprise-class SaaS application (Software as a Service) available to you today. There is no need for hardware, software, or training investments. It is housed in a SAS 70 Type II Tier III+ Datacenter to maximize uptime and security.

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van3Pickup & Delivery Service

CRM is a full service organization. Our bonded and insured staff will come to your facility to pickup or deliver your electronic media on a schedule you specify. They are also available 24/7 in the event of an emergency. All media is padlocked in media-specific containers prior to shipment by CRM employed staff and transported in CRM owned and operated vehicles.