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Protect business data easily

  • Satisfy Regulatory Compliance and encrypt the data you send offsite for storage.
    eBackup is 100% encrypted, 100% of the time!
  • Reduced staff work load
  • Eliminate Media-related Errors – eBackup is 100% hard disk-based
  • Save money and time
  • Pay for only the storage you use
  • No bandwidth fees
  • CRM’s eBackup can be used on its own to protect the entire enterprise, or as an
    additional tool to supplement your existing backup strategy.

eBackup Can Cut Costs!

When doing a cost comparison of investing in tape storage hardware, software, media, offsite media storage, and tape rotation services, most businesses will see a savings when using an online backup service like CRM’s eBackup.

Additionally, cost savings will be realized when staff are no longer spending time managing tape media and offsite tape rotation schedules. How much time to you currently spend per day organizing tapes to ship offsite and making lists of tapes for your offsite vendor to return to you?

Best of both worlds – LOCAL and OFFSITE

CRM’s eBackup Manager allows you to run both OFFSITE and LOCAL backups. The OFFSITE backup copies your data over the Internet to CRM’s eBackup Server for off-premises storage.

The optional “no additional cost” LOCAL backup uses your own hard disk storage to maintain a copy of your data onsite for fast and immediate restores. BOTH methods use eBackup Manager’s high compression ratios to maximize disk space and reduce network traffic!

eBackup Can Co-Exist!

Use eBackup to supplement your existing data protection strategy:

  • Protect your most critical data with eBackup by making sure it goes offsite every night and utilize tape for less critical machines and data.
  • Perhaps you are satisfied with the current solution in your datacenter, but need help protecting data outside your datacenter: remote offices, home office users, road warriors, etc. eBackup is the perfect solution.
  • Adding a second backup strategy to your environment is also adding redundancy!

100% Encryption,
100% of the Time!

Unlike traditional tape backups, when you use CRM’s eBackup application, your data is encrypted both in-transit and when at-rest in CRM’s Electronic Vault. The only time your data is ever unencrypted is when you execute a restore. You are the only entity with knowledge or access to your encryption secret.

eBackup resides in a Tier III+ Datacenter

The eBackup Environment is 100% owned and operated by Chicago Records Management. CRM does not “resell” another vendor’s online backup service. It resides in a state-of-the-art Tier III+ Datacenter to maximize uptime and security.